Love Songs / Winterpills

Blue House / Nathan Xander
May 15, 2017
Boneset / Diane Cluck
August 6, 2016

Love Songs / Winterpills

"Essential Winterpills, situated at the intersection of longing and resignation, with a melody that lingers until all that’s left is a distant reverberation, dissolving slowly into the air." -- Eric Danton, Paste Magazine

"Love Songs tightly embraces less-worn tropes regarding a nostalgic love for what was, and not what is. It highlights, in a strategically subdued, contemplative manner, the sheer profundity that comes with looking back on life, from its meatier moments to those that should have lasted much longer, and the complexities of each." -- Jonathan Frahm, Pop Matters

I play trumpet on three of these songs ...




March 2016


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