River Duets / Grahm Dion & Anders Griffen

Good News / Max Wareham
March 21, 2018

River Duets / Grahm Dion & Anders Griffen

"Grahm Dion and Anders Griffen have a long history of creative endeavors stretching as far back as the "anti-folk music" origins in NYC. This album was recorded at an art gallery located on the Susquehanna River in Lock Haven, PA. (Autumn 2017) and is inspired by the dynamics of that river. Sometimes steady and driving, sometimes wild and bursting the banks, River Duets flows with emotion and 'in the moment' creativity. While the duo shares roots in jazz, funk, and avant-garde composition this music is ultimately "free" in the most careful sense, and extremely precise in the liberating one."


Grahm Dion & Anders Griffen


February 2018