About Anders Griffen

Anders Griffen is a musician from Brooklyn, New York, playing drums, and sometimes trumpet, with original songwriters, instrumentalists, and choreographers, blending genres from jazz and folk to rock and R&B. On 40+ records, and concerts across the States and abroad -- including appearances at Lollapalooza, Primavera Sound, the End of the Road Festival, Green River Festival, a Peel Session on BBC Radio 1 and on "Jazz with OT" with legendary jazz announcer, Oscar Treadwell on NPR affiliate WGUC in Cincinnati ("An Oscar for Treadwell", "Oska T", "Treadin with Treadwell", "Blues for O.T." ...) -- Anders has performed with songwriters and bands like Jeffrey Lewis, Diane Cluck, Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson, The Bundles, Dufus, John Ludington, The Walkmen, Mark Mulcahy, Winterpills, Nathan Xander, Herman Düne, The Wave Pictures, Many Embers, Ish Marquez & Lonesome Crew, Paleface, Elisa Flynn, Kjersti Kveli, Linda Draper, and Barry Bliss, as well as jazz musicians such as Frank Lowe, Bernard Santacruz, Roy Campbell Jr., Henry P Warner, Joe Shepley, Don Friedman, Bill Crow, Victor Gaskin, Michael Marcus, Loren Stillman, Tom Tallitsch, and others like John Cartwright, Dave McKelvy, Alex Tomaino, Conor Lyons, Norm Dodge, along with a range of diverse artists, musicians and dancers.

Anders Griffen studied with Michael Carvin at the Michael Carvin School of Drumming, and with Ron Carter, Kenny Burrell, Joe Shepley, Peter Piacquadio, Jon Faddis, Dary John Mizelle, and informally with Charles Moffett, Alvin Fielder, Warren Smith, and Donnie Patterson. Anders earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition from SUNY-Purchase College and a Master's in Library and Information Science from UCLA.

In addition to his work as an artist, Anders is an archivist and librarian and has worked at UCLA, New York Public Library, the Manhattan School of Music, and the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University. He is also a contributing writer to the 4th edition of A Basic Music Library, and The New York City Jazz Record, "the city's only homegrown jazz gazette."


"subtle drummer extraordinaire"
- Lucid Culture

"He caught my eye for his impressionistic style ... he can play rock drums, he's great at just about every style I've seen, but he's kind of painterly when it comes to the drums"
- Diane Cluck, WNYC's Spinning On Air, (@39:20), December 4, 2011

"drummer Anders Griffen ... brings backing rhythm to the solo pieces with ghostly finesse ... Griffen’s technique is so understated and tailored to [the] music that sometimes it feels like he isn’t playing at all. This is a vast complement in an age of drummers who think loud is best"
Sam Walby, Now Then, Issue 31, p.25, October 2010


"I can't recall hearing Anders Griffen's drums before, but I'm pretty amazed! It's hard not to play “air drums” to many of these tracks"
- Jacquie Piasta, FeministReview, May 2010


"Anders Griffen is one of the most fantastic drummers I have ever seen"
- Joshua, LettersMixTape, October 2009


"the fabulous percussive accompaniment of Anders Griffen is a thing of absolute beauty"
- Kevin K, RumpRoast, March 14, 2008


"excellent drummer Anders Griffen .... subtle, nuanced playing ... didn’t drown out [the vocals]"
- Lucid Culture, March 7, 2008

"musically diverse drummer, Anders Griffen, ... clearly had a feel for the room and played with a considerable subtlety"
- Lucid Culture, December 17, 2007


"Anders Griffen is a different drummer ..... [his] fluid drums ..... far quieter and unobtrusive"
- Derek Taylor, "One Final Note, review of Vision Blue," January 2001

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Anders Griffen is the son of musicians Fred Griffen (French horn) and Karen Griffen (flute and piccolo).